Weekly Project: Bellevue Family Photographer

Maybe I've turned my intent to complete a 60 day challenge into more of a 52 week challenge?  I've found it to be incredibly difficult to take a photo every single day of my family, our life, the every day that we experience, mostly because I leave the house before everyone is awake (and it is pitch black out) and I get home from work when it is dark!  I officially can't wait until the sun comes back out!!!  This is the time of year when I have to start poppin' the vitamin D like it's tic tacs!

But really...I do love the idea of having 5-10 photos a week of my family.  One day per week that is captured.  Here is just a glimpse of our day on Monday, which was a holiday.  We went to the park up the street, which was empty!  Played a good game of pirates and sharks.  Came home, had lunch and flipped through the Target holiday ads.  My little baby is enamored with the selection of toys there.  I'm in love with these two.

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