Precious moments...

Those moments when your kids aren't looking and you see them just totally enjoying themselves...I find myself lurking in doorways and peeking around corners to catch a glimpse of those little moments that bring me back to a time when I was five.  I stop in hallways to hear those precious words being spoken to dolls and animals...and little sisters.  As parents, we have to capture these moments.  When my kids are 30, I want them to be able to see themselves how I saw them.  Curious.  Strong.  Creative.  Loving everything around them.  Stop and take a minute and take a picture of your child, when they aren't looking.

{Hirai Family} An Eastern Washington Session

This family is just wonderful.  And so much fun.  They came over to my parent's house in the morning and it was pretty cold outside.  And a little damp.  But they were such troopers during the whole thing, and even played a round of horseshoes.  Nothing like photographing a family playing a friendly round of horseshoes:)  After tossing around the 'shoes we changed locations and went to their family friend's house, who happens to live on Crab Creek.  Can you imagine going outside everyday and this being your backyard?  A little slice of heaven right there in Moses Lake, who knew?

Oh and don't even get me started on how adorable Brooklyn is...that smile just melts my heart.  She is absolutely adorable.  Love love love.

Pretzels and Pictures

My little lady absolutely loves these pretzels.  And I can't blame her.  They're aaaammazing!  Peanut butter yogurt covered pretzels....need I say more?  This one pretzel lasted her about 20 minutes, and I think every second of those 20 minutes were pure bliss to her.  I mean, seriously, look at her face.  Pure happiness.

{Brady + Katie} Married

Here it is.  The full post of photos from Brady and Katie's wedding in Cashmere, WA.  Again, it was a beautiful ceremony with perfect weather.  So many people came out to celebrate these two.  We had so much fun at this wedding, and wish all the best to the happy couple!

Congrats Brady + Katie!!!
We hope you enjoy the photos!

Finding Fairies

It used to be that witches and werewolves lived in the greenbelt behind our house.  Now, we've found that fairies live back there.

The sun peaked out for a little while this Sunday, and as soon as it did we grabbed our coats (and fairy wings) and went on a walk.  I love these moments, seeing my kids just be kids and being totally immersed in their own imagination.  The mind of a five year old is genius.

Greenbelt Dreaming

I LOVE the greenbelt behind our house.  There are so many amazing trails and I haven't even walked all the way through them yet.  Usually because I'm toting 2 kids around with me, sometimes both of them squeezing into one stroller (yes, a stroller meant for one child.  I can't seem to break down and buy a double jogger...).  But on this particular day, Keira decided that she wanted to explore a little bit.  We found a nice area by a big tree with lots of sunlight coming through.  She was fascinated by the colors of the leaves, the moss on the trees and the fact that there was nobody around.  It was quite peaceful.

Holiday Time!

It's kind of crazy to think that it is already time to start booking holiday portrait sessions....but it is!  It's October already people!  Contact me if you'd like to get a family portrait session scheduled.  Believe me, it's much easier to do it now than right. before. Christmas.