{Brady & Katie} Sneak Peek

Here's a quick sneak peak at some photos from Brady and Katie's wedding in Cashmere last weekend.  My husband and I had a great time at their ceremony and couldn't have been happier that the smoke from all the fires had miraculously cleared for their special day.  It couldn't have been more perfect.  (And seriously, could Katie get any more gorgeous?  Good job Brady!)

The house where the girls got ready was right on the river and was the perfect location to take some pre-wedding photos.  Don't worry, there are a ton of photos for me to comb through, so come back soon to see more of the happy couple!

Congrats Brady & Katie!!!

Priest Lake

Every year my husband's family makes a trek over to Priest Lake, ID for a week of sun, beach, wilderness, family, food...the best time ever.  We look forward to it every year.  In addition to the Gray clan, the Gregg family also goes with.  This year I took some family photos for them

They are so much fun.  There are so many kids in this huge family, which is so awesome.  I can't imagine growing up with so many cousins, and the best part is they all live close to each other.  Not only are the kids amazing, but so are their parents.  I absolutely adore all of them.

Parks on a week night

I love taking the kids to the park in the middle of the week.  In the hustle and bustle of working full time with two kids, it makes me slow down and just enjoy being in their company.  Love pushing the munchkin in her radio flyer car.  Add a pink pea coat and we're ready to go!
This picture isn't perfect, but it totally makes me smile from ear to ear.
Oh and who loves Izze?  We do!  This kid is a fiend for the Izze drinks.

The day before 5

My oldest turns 5 tomorrow.  She also has her first loose tooth.  So much has happened in the last five years and it goes by in the blink of an eye.  I have to remember her like this.  She was so proud that her tooth could fall out any day now.

I did some head shots tonight for a friend and since the lighting was so beautiful, snapped a couple of my little lady.

August Instagrams

Decided recently that I actually need to start backing up the photos on my phone.  Since it's always on me I end up taking a lot of pictures with Instagram and then they sit there on my phone and do nothing. I don't want to lose them so here's my monthly resolution to start dumping pics from my phone to my computer.  August was a fun month full of birthdays, anniversaries, travel, house work....you get the picture.

Grant turns 1!

So this gorgeous little guy turned one on Saturday.  I can't believe it.  I had the opportunity to photograph him when he was six months old, I honestly can't believe how quickly time flies.  Grant is so much fun, and has the most amazing eyes.  And the cutest, most spunky personality to go with.  His mom decided she would just let him have fun with a smash cake, which I may have wanted to eat right along with him.  (Don't worry, I held back.)  Oh and side note, she got the giant cupcake tin at Zulily on clearance for like a dollar.