A Very Rainy Day: Redmond Family Photographer

It was SO rainy last weekend.  I typically don't shoot much in the rain because, let's face it, who likes to??  But, we had to get these photos done since this cute little family was moving to Arizona in less than a week.  Plus, we live in the Pacific Northwest, so it's not like the rain is going to stop any time soon....

Nonetheless, we found a few covered spots and had an awesome little family session.  I really ended up loving these spots and think we got a few great shots too.

Project 52: Week 8

I took some time off work this week to hang out with the kids since it was mid-winter break for my oldest (for those of you who don't know me, I work full time in addition to photography).  It was a much needed break for me to have time with them, no real plans, nowhere to go, no agenda.  I decided to only put up a few photos this week, otherwise the post would have been a mile long.  Here are a few of my favorites.

A Quick Adventure

Our trip to Gasworks didn't last long as it was really windy and cold, but we did have fun while it lasted.  I did get this photo.

Project 52: Week 7

Another week down.  I am loving this project.

Me & Mine: February

As I took a look back at my photos from 2013 my heart broke a little.  Not because I didn't love the photos I had because we didn't make great memories, because I do and we did.  I was sad because I only had about 3 photos of me with my children in them.  I started to think about when I'm old and my kids have their own kids, they would have all these wonderful photos of themselves growing up to show my future grandchildren, but it would be as if I almost didn't exist.  When in fact, I know I am a huge part of their lives.  So myself and a few other photographers decided we were going to change all that.  We're calling it "Me & Mine" and the point is to simply get in a photo once a month with your children.  You can do it however you want, take a selfie, have a spouse, friend, older sibling take the photo.  Anything.  The point is to simply capture a fleeting moment, on camera, with one or all of our children.  So, here we go.  Here's the first month.

And do yourself a favor...get in a photo with your children.  They'll thank you when they're 30.
Now, do yourself a favor and go check out the lovely Katarzyna Krauze and her photos for the month.

P.S. If you'd like to join our project, send me a message at gphotoco (at) gmail (dot) com.

Happy Valentine's Day!

A little Valentine's Day love.  Hope you have a good one and spend it with people near and dear to your heart.

Into the woods: Seattle Family Photographer

As most of you know (and experienced), it snowed this weekend in the PNW.  From my last post, you'll know that I love the snow, probably because we don't get much here, but I love it all the same.

Just hours before the snow started to fall, I did this little family session.  Can I just say that I adore this little girl?  Look at those eyes.  What a stunner.  You did a good job Joanne & Brett!

A little bit of snow...

It snowed this weekend!  I absolutely love the snow.  Probably because we don't get much in our parts, but growing up Eastern Washington I saw plenty of snow and I totally miss it during the winter.

It snowed just enough to make the kids happy, but around 11am or noon it was definitely starting to melt.  Cue the grandparents.  They drove over and brought with them two HUGE coolers full of the fluffiest snow (our snow here is sooo heavy and packs really hard).  As you can see, they had tons of fun and we could have thrown snow at them for hours.

Project 52: Week 6

Before the Superbowl last Sunday we got outside and enjoyed some sun.  It was such a beautiful day (made better only by the Seahawks WINNING!) that we had no other choice but to get some fresh air.  Plus, the kids were going a little crazy inside in anticipation of the big game.

In addition, I just bought a film camera.  That's right.  A film camera.  Why you may ask?  Many reasons.  To challenge myself.  To get back to basics.  Nothing can really produce the same look that film does, a lot of stuff comes close, but I find myself dreaming about film.  The anticipation of getting scans back from the lab gives me butterflies - in a good way.  Soooo, I can't wait.  I feel like's its Christmas day!  So, once I've gotten some test rolls under my belt, I'd love to shoot a session in film.  If anybody is willing to let me try it out on them and even toss me a few bones for the development of the film, well, that would be the bees knees.

**side note...I told myself at the beginning of this project I only had to take one photo a week.  six weeks in and I can't put my camera down...**

Kids Were Here: February

Another month down and more messes than one can think of.  Oh, and I didn't even photograph the broken TV or laptop that my daughter poured water on.  Still too devastating.  But I'm actually moving on from those two incidents rather quickly.  I guess, when it comes down to it, they are just things.  And while she's almost three, she is still testing...pushing limits...figuring things out.  I will say, photographing these things does have me letting go a little bit more, which I think is healthy.  I usually put some pretty high expectations on myself of how my house should look and how clean it should be.  When in reality, those aren't the things that matter.

Project 52: Week 5

Another week down!  Here are some images from this last week.