Baby Cora // Seattle Newborn Photographer

I had the privilege of photographing baby Cora a few weeks back.  She didn't really want to sleep too much, but was so adorable and had so much gorgeous hair.  She's a lucky girl to be born into a family like theirs.

Project 52: Week 39

With fall on its way and the sun starting to go down much earlier, I've started experimenting with some different light sources.  Expect to see more experimenting going on in the weeks to come!

Project 52: Weeks 37 & 38

Another time when I've slacked.  But now that summer is coming to an end I will have a little bit more time to dedicate to this project.  In the mean time, here are weeks 37 & 38.

Weeks 32, 33, 34, 35 & 36

Wow....I can't believe there are that many posts that I missed.  Did I count that right?  I might have to double check - I also did a terrible job of filing my photos and have been completely unorganized!  Things are starting to get back to a more regular pace for me, so one of my goals is to just make it through the year!!!