Wagner Family: Seattle Family Photographer

Last weekend in Seattle was so gorgeous!  The sun was shining, there were so many people outside, it seriously gave me some major spring fever.  PLUS, I got to do this wonderful family session.  I had so much fun watching Lauren & David chase around their little guy for the afternoon in the amazing sun.  They have so much love for each other.  I LOVE being able to photograph such awesome little families.

Project 52: Week 4

Another one down!  I am finding it awfully inspiring, in just the last few weeks, to be holding my camera, trying to photograph in different situations that I would have normally avoided.  It's fun.  Which is exactly what I needed.  Here are a few images from week 4.  Hope you enjoy.

A little summer reminiscing...

The summer of 2013 was the best.  I really don't think it could have gotten any better.  We did so much, had so much fun, but most importantly spent quality time as a family.  We went on tons of hikes, the usual family vacation, swimming, played in the backyard.  Enjoyed each other's company.  

I may have mentioned it once or twice before, but my husband is super talented.  He made this awesome family video for us, capturing just two days of our summer.  I could watch it over and over again.  There is something about video, especially those of my family, that gets me super emotional.  I tear up almost instantly.  I love knowing that I'll have these forever.  Take a peek.

Summer 2013 from Gray Fam on Vimeo.

Forest Wanderings: January

I've said it over and over again.  I totally love where we live.  We have a fantastic greenbelt by our house with miles and miles of trails.  One of our favorite things to do is go for nice long walks on sunny days.  And surprise, surprise.  We had a beautiful sunny day this weekend.  Here's the proof.

Engaged! Ashley & Paul in Seattle

Ashley and Paul are getting married this summer.  We ended up doing their engagement photos downtown, and let me say, Seattle sure did shine for us.  It was such a sunny (but chilly) day, perfect for an engagement session.  I'm hoping we can get out when things really turn green and pretty and do another session, because they are seriously so much fun.  Congrats you two!

Project 52: Week 3

So we're on week 3 and I'm still going!  There's so many amazing 52 week projects out there, and I am definitely taking inspiration from them.  However, I know myself too well and know that I won't be able to follow all the prompts, so I'm just taking photos of moments whenever the urge strikes.  No themes for the week, just challenging myself to take something new of my children.  This week I challenged myself to get a few shots at night.  I pushed the ISO a little (and for those of you not interested in the technical aspect, I'm sorry), but I did one photo at ISO 4000 (!!! I know, I never would crank it that high for a client!!!) and the other two are at 1600.  Can you tell??

Project 52: Week 2

Well I am proud of myself.  I've been able to hang for week 2 of my 52 week project.  I know, it's only the 2nd week, but its not unlike me to start a project and not finish.  So, I guess I will say I am off to a good start.

My girls.  How I love them.  I really can't wait to see how the year unfolds.  (And my little one down on the bottom is pretending to be a mummy.  My guess is you'll see lots of "mummy" shots throughout the year.)

Kids Were Here: January Edition

So, I totally did not keep up with the whole "kids were here" thing toward the end of the year.  But believe me when I say that there were some totally epic messes around these parts, especially after Christmas.  We did, however, manage to get things almost back to normal around here.

I decided last week that I would resume this little monthly series in the hopes that one day I can put together a book for my each of my children.  Then one day when they have children of their own, I'd love to give it to them to help remind them that we all start out small.  And we all make messes.  We are human, after all.  None of us are perfect.  And when they are about to lose their sanity to the chaos that is parenting, and all the stuff that comes with kids, they will be able to look at the book and remember what it was like when they were the ones who made the messes.

Project 52: Week 1

My goal for the year has been determined.  I'm going to (successfully) complete a 52 week project.  My goal is simply to take one photo a week of my children with my big camera to document this year.  About half way through 2013 I decided I wanted to try with a photo project but never got around to it.  I'm not going to follow any sort of theme, just document what inspires me.  For my first week, here's my little one.

Oh Keira.  You are so gentle.  So affectionate.  So sensitive.  Your eyes say so much.  I love you little girl.

Happy New Year!!!

We are totally excited for what 2014 will bring!  Not sure it can get much better than last year, but hey, let's aim high!  Happy New Year from me and my family.