Project 52: Week 13

Finally, we had a little bit of sun!  As in, multiple days of glorious, wonderful, amazing sun.  I didn't realize how much I missed it until we had a few days in a row (of course followed by 5 straight days of rain, with another 5 on the forecast...)  We had enough sun to get some yard work in and get outside and blow bubbles.

Me & Mine: March

Another month of this project that I am thanking myself for doing.  Being in photos with my kids.  This month is brought to you a little late, however, because I was disorganized, and at the time that we would have (should have) posted this, we were coping with the loss of my husband's beloved aunt.  I can't type too many words without starting to tear up, so I will talk about that another day.  But if there is one tiny grain of sand to take away from the last few weeks, it is to hug your loved ones tight, tell them you love them, create memories together and be thankful for every moment you have together.

Please also be sure to stop by the lovely Katarzyna Krauze's page here.

Project 52: Week 12

I almost freaked out today, thinking I didn't get any photos taken this week.  But thankfully I did.  Whew.  I had actually forgotten that we went swimming and I took my (big) camera underwater.  I got the photo below of Stephan and Keira, and while it's not in focus, I still love it.  It will definitely take a few times underwater to get the hang of using my housing for sure!

Volunteer Park Engagement Session

Sometimes when you meet a couple, you can just tell that they are so awesome together.  That was Jessica and Will.  They were so cute together, and such troopers through our less than perfect weather for their engagement session at Volunteer Park.  Even though it wasn't a bright, sunny day, these two certainly did make each other smile.

Project 52: Week 11

Another week in the bag!  It was a busy one for sure,  ran around like a crazy person shuttling kids, working, you know how it is.  But it was good.  Here's a few images.

Project 52: Week 10

At it another week.  We FINALLY had some sun, and I'm crossing my fingers that we will continue to get at least one day a week where it isn't raining...

That's kind of sad, but just the way it is when you live in the Pacific Northwest.  You just learn to embrace the rain, or find plenty of indoor activities.

Project 52: Week 9

This week brought a lot of rain for us.  Like, a lot.  We hardly got any time outside, a brief moment to jump in a puddle.  Keira got so tired of the rain she decided to pretend it was summer.  I'm totally with her.  I could go for some of that amazing sun.