Hula Hoop Time

The weather has been weird around here lately.  A lot of sunshine, followed by a lot of clouds.  Then rain.  Then sun again.  In Seattle you never know when the sun will hide behind the clouds for a stretch of 2 straight weeks, so you take full advantage of it when it does decide to shine here.  That meant a little post-dinner/pre-bedtime hula hooping.  In their underwear.  They wanted to go outside with no shirts, shoes etc, but I convinced them to since we were in the front yard.  Here they are in all their glory.

Instagram & iPhone Dump: Part Deux

Wow.  May has been a busy month.  Super busy in fact.  But hey, that doesn't stop me from whipping out my phone nearly every chance I get and take photos of my kids.  My camera on my phone gets used so much it's insane.  But it's life and I am glad I have it around to help me document and remember my kids.  And I'm glad I have this blog as little place where I can store some of these treasures.

Anyway, here's my recent batch of iPhone pics....and they didn't upload in order and I'm lazy so....there you go.  I'm @graymis too.


Tulip Festival: Skagit Valley

We went to the tulip festival last weekend up in Skagit Valley with my parents.  The kids had such an amazing time.  It was the 2nd time I've taken the kids up there and we have gotten lucky both times that it didn't rain.  Not that we weren't prepared.  Rain boots, umbrellas, rain  Lots of food.

After marching around in the mud for over an hour we decided to head to La Conner for lunch.  We ate at Seeds, which had a really long wait (like over an hour?) but it was totally worth it.  Their clam chowder was ahhh-mazing.  Even typing this right now makes me want to go get a bowl.  And maybe I will.  I mean, it's only 10:40 at night.  The perfect bedtime snack....That's what I'll keep telling myself.

What to Wear?

Now that spring is officially here, it is time to bring some color to your family photos! This month, think fun, bold and bright. The important thing to remember when dressing your family for photos is that you want to coordinate, but not match to a "T." Colors that compliment each other are important, but the most important thing to remember is to show your personality!

Are you interested in any of these looks? Check the links below for information on where to buy!
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