Project 52: Week 6

Before the Superbowl last Sunday we got outside and enjoyed some sun.  It was such a beautiful day (made better only by the Seahawks WINNING!) that we had no other choice but to get some fresh air.  Plus, the kids were going a little crazy inside in anticipation of the big game.

In addition, I just bought a film camera.  That's right.  A film camera.  Why you may ask?  Many reasons.  To challenge myself.  To get back to basics.  Nothing can really produce the same look that film does, a lot of stuff comes close, but I find myself dreaming about film.  The anticipation of getting scans back from the lab gives me butterflies - in a good way.  Soooo, I can't wait.  I feel like's its Christmas day!  So, once I've gotten some test rolls under my belt, I'd love to shoot a session in film.  If anybody is willing to let me try it out on them and even toss me a few bones for the development of the film, well, that would be the bees knees.

**side note...I told myself at the beginning of this project I only had to take one photo a week.  six weeks in and I can't put my camera down...**

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