Tulip Festival: Skagit Valley

We went to the tulip festival last weekend up in Skagit Valley with my parents.  The kids had such an amazing time.  It was the 2nd time I've taken the kids up there and we have gotten lucky both times that it didn't rain.  Not that we weren't prepared.  Rain boots, umbrellas, rain jackets...food.  Lots of food.

After marching around in the mud for over an hour we decided to head to La Conner for lunch.  We ate at Seeds, which had a really long wait (like over an hour?) but it was totally worth it.  Their clam chowder was ahhh-mazing.  Even typing this right now makes me want to go get a bowl.  And maybe I will.  I mean, it's only 10:40 at night.  The perfect bedtime snack....That's what I'll keep telling myself.

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