Jen & Kirk: Issaquah Maternity Photographer

This weekend was filled with so much fun.  I had two photo shoots and we also did a bunch of decorating for Christmas around our house, including putting the tree up.  Seriously, the kids had so much fun.

But back to the topic of maternity photos.  My lovely clients Jen and Kirk had me over to their house to take some holiday photos in conjunction with maternity photos.  They have an amazing property with a huge lot.  And in very surprising Seattle weather, we didn't have any rain!  So, not only did we get to take a bunch of photos inside, we also got some great shots on their property.  Oooh, and how cute are the ones with Jen totally indulging her cravings by helping herself to some cookie dough.  Don't worry, she totally used fake eggs so the dough was safe to eat:)

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  1. I just love these pictures! And love these two!! Great pics Meliss!